Londres, 22-23 Novembre 2018 Common Scents: Smells and Social Life in European Literature (1880-1939)


A Conference at the Institute of  Modern Languages Research, London

Thursday, 22 and Friday, 23 November 2018 

Thursday, 22 November 2018 (Room 243) 

Introduction: The Science of Olfaction
11.00 Barry C. Smith (London): Our Hidden Sense of Smell: Some Recent Revelations from the Science of Olfaction

Part 1: Smell and Deprivation

12.00 Michel Delville (Liège): Smell in Contexts of Hunger and Disgust 

13.00 Lunch

14.15 Sergej Rickenbacher (Aachen): Literary Halitosis. Bad Breath and Odol in German Literature around 1900 

14.40 Priya Wadhera (New York): Beyond Taste: the Smell of Death in Proust’s Tablescapes

15.15   Tag Gronberg (London): Shalimar and Vol de Nuit (Guerlain): Scents of Presence and Loss

15.45 Tea 

Part 2: Refined Olfaction and its Complications

16.15 Catherine Maxwell (London): Scent in the Works of Vernon Lee

17.15 Maria Weilandt (Potsdam): Stereotyped Scents and ‘Elegant Reality’ in Edmond de Goncourt’s Chérie (1884) 17.40 Discussion

Friday, 23 November 2018 (Room 243)

Part 2: Refined Olfaction and its Complications [continued] 

09.30 Sophie-Valentine Borloz (Lausanne): ‘On commence à en avoir une indigestion des fleurs de l’innocence’. The Readability Crisis of Floral Perfumes in Late-Nineteenth-Century French Novels 

09.55 Erika Wicky (Liège): The Dandy’s Nose: Aesthetics and Olfactory Sensitivity in French Literature of the fin de siècle.

10.35 Coffee 

Part 3: Scents and Boundary Crossings 

11.05 Susanne Schmid (Berlin): ‘… smell of milk pudding’: Hotels and Smell

12.05 Christine Kanz (Linz): Not only fascinating Corpse Stench: towards a new Anthropology of the Senses in the Historical Avantgarde

12.30 Andreas Kramer (London): ‘Dada smells like Nothing’: Sniffing out the Dadaist Corpus 12.55 Discussion

13.10 Lunch 

14.00 Frank Krause (London): Innovative Smell-Sound Synaesthesiae: Diagnoses of Social Life in German Literature (1900-1930)

14.25 Frederike Middelhoff (Würzburg): Making Scents and Sense of Dogs. Canine Olfaction and Humanimal Society in works by Berend, Kafka, and Woolf

14.50 Jonathan Day (London): James Joyce and the Odours of Modernity

15.30 Katharina Herold (Oxford): Satirical Scents in Paul Scheerbart’s Orient of the 1890s 15.55 Discussion

16.00 Tea

16.30 End of Conference

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Erika Wicky (2018, 18 septembre). Londres, 22-23 Novembre 2018 Common Scents: Smells and Social Life in European Literature (1880-1939). Cultures olfactives. Consulté le 23 février 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/silh

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  1. Cannot believe I didn’t know about this conference, although perhaps it’s for the best as I couldn’t have made it.

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